Genting Trip ~ episod 1(cont)

haih...writing blog so tiring de meh?? hahaha....
tis is my 2nd time write own post la...stil not very know how write...
n can someone tell me how to manage the pic a?!?!?! i need to drag 1 by 1 to the position i wan leceh la...kekeke..but nvm la..i got lot of time..hahahahaha

ATTENTION : to everyone, please see "Genting Trip ~ episod 1" below 1st be4 see tis post....

previous post, i dy tell bout the first day we at let me tell u all the second day in genting...morning of 2nd day, we went to theme park....outdoor theme park...FUN!!!

we hav cheated to get 30% discount on the AllPark ticket....hahahaha....
if police see tis, dono they wil catch us or not...hahahaha
but nvm la at least we jimat rm15++ hor(can go cheong k or mcd 1 more time)....

here r some pic...but i think stil got lot i haven got it so cant upload here....
when i get all the pic i wil upload here la...hehehe...pls wait~~~

wa~~~ pirate ship!!!! FUN!!!

pirate ship again~~~

again?!?!?!?!?!?!~~~ haih....

no more pls...hahahahaha.....
actually, we sit pirate ship for so so so so many time...until non of us can count how many time we play pirate ship...we play until the ship's captain (the malay who control the ship) also kenal us dy...hahahaha...but the captain very "guai lan"....hehe...
act we play lot thing la...almost all also we try le...but some don hav pic...dono y...keke
if got i just post again la...ok?!?!?
some more we play tis~~~~~
flying elephant~~~~pity the elephant need carry me..hahahahaha

here we r when queuing to play SPACE SHOT!!!! hahahaha...
1,2,3,4,....,7, just 8 ppl?!?!?
....9,10,11,12,13!!! they are when we play space shot...hahahaha

tis is the pic taken by the uncle n his daughter also...we haven prepare then he say "OK"...
hahahahaha..but not bad la the pic...stil ok just the ppl too small le...kekekeke
thats all for tis time...i hav no more pic le...wait i get junlong's camera de pic i just post again la ya....c ya~~~=p

Genting Trip ~ episod 1

Date : 18may2009 ~ 20may2009
Place : Genting

Time pass very fast, next semester we r dy senior more 1st year student dy lo...all of us dy old le la..hahaha.. n be4 we become senior, become 2nd year student; we went to GENTING~~~ hahaha...although all of us went to genting many time be4 le...but tis trip stil very successfull la...thanks to our organizer : ALOR & JACKY wif the help of all of us..=p

Now, let me tell the story of our trip la...
let me introduce the member of this fun n joyful trip~~~
here r the boys (or mans): alor,collin,peirkern,vincent,junlong,me(raymond)

here r girls( or women) :surene,kacky,meifong,howyi,mary,eangbee,karyee

here!!! latest news!!! kekeke....nonit i intro le la...sweet sweet forever~~~

first day..when all 13 of us meet up at genting, tht time dy 3 or 4 pm dy...coz few of us come late..sorry~~~ after we meet up, we take our luggage go to out mini room...hahahaha

dancing in room while waiting to go cheong k....hahahaha
after we rest for a while n play card a while...we went "cheong k" at BE A STAR karaoke...
here r some pic we took inside n outside the karaoke place:

see how happy they are~~~=p

mary too hungry le la...fork also wan to eat..kekeke
nice photo hor...but not coz the camera girl the ppl inside i right?!?!?

pk!!! u trying to kill me meh?!?!? BIAN TAI!!~~~

again?!?!?!?!?~~~~~ hahahaha

"sap mm yi sap"?!?! hahaha..lost le slap 1 time..hahahaha(no alcohol drink...not fun)
but beer there damn time we go remember buy few dozen beer go k~~~

wat u all doing?!?!?! i dono so i dono wan how comment...kekekeke
we hav our dinner too while "cheong k"...after "cheong k", we dono wan do wat so go outside walk walk....n sure take photo...hahahaha
hahaha..."wan heng"?!?!?! stand for?!?!?! 云顶兄弟 = 云兄(in cantonese)

paise la...tis not so nice...the next pic very nice~~~

yeah!!!! first pic of all members....."quan jia fu"~~~=p
after tht we stil got go to "kam sao" garden...but the pic is in another camera...
i haven take the pic from junlong yet so no pic from "kam sao" garden la..sorry~~~
wil update again next time in "Genting Trip ~ episod 2" ya...hehehehe....
something very funny happen at "kam sao" garden o~~~hahahahaha
u know i know la ya...."that's why~~~"..."got problem?!?!?".....:D
hahahahahaha~~~~~really cannot forget tht stupid night


第一句 如果我们之间有1000步的距离你只要跨出第1步

第二句 通常愿意留下来跟你争吵的人才是真正爱你的人

第三句 付出真心 才会得到真心却也可能伤得彻底保持距离 就能保护自己却也注定永远寂寞

第四句 有时候 不是对方不在乎你 而是你把对方看得太重 第五句朋友就是把你看透了 

第六句 就算是believe 中间也藏了一个lie

第七句 真正的好朋友并不是在一起就有聊不完的话题而是在一起 就算不说话也不会感到尴尬

第八句 没有一百分的另一半只有五十分的两个人

第九句 为你的难过而快乐的 是敌人为你的快乐而快乐的 是朋友为你的难过而难过的
就是那些 该放进心里的人

第十句 冷漠 有时候并不是无情 只是一种避免被伤害的工具

TRIP TP PERANAKAN MANSION~~ Part 1~~ Journey to the Mansion

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, Me, SL and Seafood decided to go to the famous Peranakan Mansion (Peranakan means Baba and Nyonya) to get some information for our S.H.E report.
I woke up at 8.30a.m, I thought i was the earliest, but actually they all woke up already. Then me and Seafood waited in the guard house for SL's arrival. When I called him, he told me that he wasn't ready yet because he was playing game and missed the time. So both of us waited in the guard house for some time. So as he came, we went to the petrol kiosk. His car needs food. I went into the mart and get us some drinks.

So we began our journey. We started with zero because we don't even know the place. We are like prawns without head cause we don't even know where to start. So we used the GPS, soon we found that it was near KOMTAR.

After knowing the location although a not clear one, we headed straight to KOMTAR without hessitate. After a while, we arrive at KOMTAR, so we start to have headache again because we dont' know the next step. Sl ask me again and again which road to go but i really don't know... So i took out my GPS, we check that the nearest way is to go by Jalan Magazine. And to get to Jalan Magazine, we must go through Jalan Macalister( this is according to the GPS) as we drive along the Jalan Macalister we saw many people preparing coconuts for the Thaipusam Celebration. Soon we arrive at a junction near Jalan Anson, we were confused again. So we turn to left of the junction which is wrong. The actual way is to go staright. So by our foolishness, we enter a road that we don't even know the name. As we drive along the road, i suddenly saw a signboard that i fear the most. Rumah P. Ramlee ahead... and also Jalan P. Ramlee...

This is the scariest signboard ever, want to know why? This is because we were once lost in it for two hours... Thanks to the wise leading of CPK ( the "Holland" Tour Guide). This is him....

When I saw the signboard, I shouted "shit"... I told SL that we will soon lost. But SL did not enter Jalan P.Ramlee like CPK once did and turn to another road. It was the right way to KOMTAR again.

So we continue our journey again.. Soon we reached Ah Gu restaurant, and we enter the correct way to the Lebuh Pantai... Where it is another starting nightmare, as we went to the road, We were stuck in a havey traffic jam. As they were a the Thaipusam Celebration going on so the road was block for an hour. So we waited in the car....

As soon as the traffic went back to normal, we continue out journey with the help of the GPS system. Soon we arrive at the Lebuh Gereja where the Mansion is situated....



21/10 - - - - Rong Quan's Birthday...

So boring today, make me feel wanna write something here bout Rong Quan( alor )...

This is about his 20th birthday party..also is the 1st birthday in USM-Penang...

For us, it was fun but for alor, i dono...mayb fun mayb is night mare but confirm unforgetable!!!....hahaha..

This was the story........................................................................................

On 21/10/2008 night, all of us gathered at celebrate alor birthday... there were so many ppl, malaysian got, indonesian got and sure our 'geng', Sudan man( mj n amged) also got....know la whole USM ppl r also alor's fren....kekeke...

- here!! alor wif few beautiful girls and the SUDAN man!!! hahahah

- here!! is our SUDAN man(Amged) n INDONESIA girl (Sabrina)....

- here!!! is MJ...erm~~not Micheal Jordon or Jackson Muzamil Jalal..

-see!!! so many ppl...use up so many table to join this "rumah panjang"....

Everyone eating n chip, chicken chop, mushroom soup.....etc...when everyone finish their food....time to sing birthday song n cutting cake session dy...alor so 幸福 coz 1 ppl birthday got 3 cake....but 2 is his parent sponsor de..kekekke...

-here!!! alor's cake...tiramisu, chocolate(to play) n cheese cake....

before sing birthday song...alor receive some kisses from so guy...hahaha...

-muakssssss!!!!!~~~~~~x2(Amged so happy after kiss alor)

here come singing session..."Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to u...happa birthday to ALOR!!!happy birthday to u~~~~" Blow la blow la the candle...kekekeke..
the thing alor dono the moment when he wan to blow the candle...few plate of cream is waiting for behind of him....but very sad...i don hav pic of tht moment...haihz....

after he kena the cream, he receive a very special it is!!!!

-present from CS geng....hahahaha...big baby!!!! realise his hair is oily, its the cream..

alor think,this must be the end of his torturing birthday party...but..the party never end yet!!!! stil remember we got 3 cake?!?!?!?!....the CHOCOLATE CAKE~~~~~

- oh My God!!!!!!!
- oh my goodness!!!!!!

- tis is the " picture of the day" award holder.......welcome.....hahahahaha....can u all recognise him???hahaha...the chocolate cream look lik SH*T la...his face really F.O.S...hahahahaha..

-nonit clean la..later stil hav...hahaha...( he prepare his own towel u know...tht means he dy ready n prepare for the "cream war" le ma...)

-cleaning the cream inside his nose...hahahahaha...the cream block there n u cant breath??

- here a comparison of alor.....before "cream war" n after "cream war"....


hahahahahahahaha.....this was alor 20th birthday party.....
hope u all enjoy the story.....

by RAYMOND 7-feb-2009-10.38pm


This is a love story of NEW YEAR EVE...

Once a upon a NEW YEAR EVE, there lived two miserable man... RAYMOND and VINCENT... They were both rich and handsome( just a story.. not real ). Their mothers were so worry of them because they were still bachelors.

One day, their mothers send CPK to seek for a maiden for their sons. So by the orders of the two mothers, CPK went for the search for the beautiful maiden. ( his forte )... And in a very short period, CPK brought back a girl named "Snow White".... But when the maiden saw the two bachelors, she was petrified by their looks.. and ran away..

CPK worried that the two mothers will punish him, so he catch Snow White back.

When Raymond saw her in the first moment, he fall in love with her. And wanted her as his future wife...

But Vincent's mother paid more money and Snow White was forced to be his wife...

But Raymond already fall in love with her and willing to fight with Vincent to get her.. Raymond did everything to win Snow White's heart... and finally he won her heart by a little ( use money )

Vincent saw them and wanted to snatch her back...

but he can't beat Raymond because of his size... so he beg Raymond for mercy and give her to him...

Snow White saw them fighting for her felt very unhappy and sad.. so she ran away from them... but she was already hand-cuffed or leg-cuffed by Vincent's mother.

Raymond and Vincent used the traditional way since Snow White don't really want to see violence... ( the " ou beh sum " way not creative also... everytime use it)

Finally after a long fight, Raymond won..

Vincent knew that he lost to Raymond felt very sad.... but Raymond was so happy that he jump up the sky...

But they did not realise one thing... Their Snow White already run away with CPK...